320W Solstice Back-Lit Mirrored Infrared Heating Panel

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320W Solstice Mirrored Infrared Heating Panel


Specs Table
More Information
Wattage 320w
Wi-Fi No
Manufacturer Infrared Group
Surface Material Glass & Aluminium
Surface Temperature 85ºC - 95ºC
Dimensions (mm) 600 x 600 x 11
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
Frame Colour None
IP Rating IP65 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230V
Warranty 5 Years

Infrared Heating: The Basics

Infrared heating is a new way of heating your home that doesn’t rely on previous, inefficient methods. Infrared heating is very eco-friendly, and can actually save you up to 60% on your heating bills! It does this by heating the objects in the room rather than the air around the heater, which is more efficient.

The infrared beams it emits bounce off the objects in the room, leaving them warmed. This is in contrast to conventional radiators, which just heat the air around them. With a conventional heater, you get convectional currents. This is where the warm air rises, cools, and falls again, creating a current that can promote dust circulation, mould growth, and cold spots. This makes infrared heating better for your health, as it provides none of the above, and just provides clean, non-stuffy warmth.

Infrared heating is also completely safe, as the beams it emits are similar to those from laser quest or a TV remote control. The heat it provides is similar to the sun’s, yet without any nasty UV radiation. Just clean, safe warmth.

Sleek Appearance

Surya Mirror Infrared Heating Panel

With this incredible-looking glass infrared heating panel, you can really create a gorgeous, contemporary look for your home. Take advantage of the generous IP54 rating in order to deploy this mirrored panel in the bathroom, where it’ll be protected against splashes of water. People won’t believe that the mirror is also the heater, as it just looks so discreet.

One often-overlooked feature is that the mirror, when switched on and emitting heat, won’t steam up, as the water just won’t have the opportunity to condense on the warm surface. You could also try this heater out in your bedroom, and keep warm whilst you get ready in the morning.

Slimline Design

Surya Mirror Infrared Heating Panel

When the depth of the panel is just 11mm, it’s easy to mount it on your wall or ceiling and never touch it again. It won’t get in the way whatsoever, unlike an unwieldy radiator, or an inefficient portable heater. You can regain some floor space whilst saving money at the same time.

With a panel like this, it fits snugly against the wall or ceiling whilst still looking minimalist. Because these heaters heat objects, rather than the air around them, they can be installed far higher up on the wall or ceiling than radiators, without worrying about warm air rising.

Quick and Easy to Install

Surya Mirror Infrared Heating Panel Back

These panels are so simple to install – so forget about getting any extra help in. You can do it all by yourself, so don’t worry about finding an electrician or plumber. The panels are completely plug-and-play compatible, so the only real work you actually have to do is just getting the panel on the wall.

All the panels come with a stencil in the box, to make it even easier. Just draw through the holes on the stencil, and you’ll know where to drill. Just drill into the wall, and you’ll know where the screws go. Just put the screws in the wall, and you’ll know what to hang the panel’s rear mounted brackets on. Once it’s on, just plug it in. It takes just a few minutes from start to finish.