450W Solstice Mirrored IR Panel Heater With LED Backlight

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450W Solstice Mirrored IR Panel Heater With LED Backlight

Product Description:

This 450W Solstice Mirrored IR Panel Heater With LED Backlight perfect for a bathroom or bedroom.

With a surface material of glass, it will reach surface temperatures of 115°C and heat a surface area of 8m². This unit will look fabulous mounted onto a wall and also comes fit with energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate and warm any space.

Protected with a IP65 rating, it will not be damaged by splashes of water from any direction and is a plug-and-play unit for your convenience. It measures just 600mm x 800mm x 11mm and is beautifully disguised as a mirror, whilst still providing heat.

The heating and lighting can be controlled independently of one another, thanks to the two switches located on the back of the panel - the green switch controls the LED backlight, and the red switch controls the heating! While the rest of the panel uses 450W, the LED backlight only needs 30W to produce 2800 lumens of light.

Specs Table:
More Information
Wattage 450w
Wi-Fi No
Heating Power 450W
LED Power 30W
Lumens 2800lm
Manufacturer Infrared Group
Surface Material Glass
Surface Temperature 115°C
Dimensions (mm) 800mm x 600mm x 11mm
Recommended Fixing Wall
Frame Colour None
IP Rating IP65 - Protected against splashes of water
Voltage 230v
Warranty 5 Years

Saving Money With IR Heating

Infrared (IR) panels pose many different advantages including discreet heat, being kind to the environment and aiding a healthier lifestyle. One main benefit is that they are extremely beneficial to your bank account.

Low amounts of power will equal lower cost. As IR heaters surface area, and not volume, they use less energy to run and are even cheaper to run. By switching to IR, you could save up to 60% on energy bills.

IR heaters take little to no time to start emitting heat that you can actually feel. This means that the panel will be on for less time, furthering helping you to save on energy bills.

As IR panels have no moving parts, there is very little that could go wrong. This means that, unlike a gas boiler that would need to be replace and checked on, IR heaters would never need to be serviced – costing you time and money.

Stunning Appearance

Surya Infrared Heating Mirror Panel Sleek

Not only are Infrared panels natural and energy-efficient source of heat but a gorgeous one too! You can definitely give your interior design a modern boost with any of our heaters.

A great advantage of this unit in particular is the use of the mirror. Perfect for a bathroom installation, it is equipped with a IP65 rating to be protected against splashes of water causing any damage. It also will not steam up, as mirrors typically will, when it is on as the warmth prevents condensation.

Sleek & Slender Craftsmanship

Surya Infrared Heating Mirror Panel Slim

Just a slim 11mm in depth, this heater will not stick out of the wall awkwardly like a standard convector heater would. It can easily be mount flush to the wall.

Traditional heaters often create the issue of ‘dead space’ – this is the area in front of or around the unit that cannot be occupied as it will inefficiently block in the heat. The same goes for standard portable heaters.

With infrared heating, you are free to install them high up a wall, or even from the ceiling, for a minimal, decorative look. Not to forget that they heat objects directly, instead of the air, so you won’t need to worry about hot air rising away from you.

Install With Ease

Surya Infrared Heating Mirror Panel Slim

Each of our IR panels are incredibly easy to install, and you can do it on your own.

Take a few minutes out of your day to achieve this as a DIY job, rather than calling in a professional to help you out.

Plug-and-play compatible, it is important that you mount your heater close to a plug socket for easy power.

Using the stencil provided, simply draw the holes on the wall where you want the panel to go and then drill in the screws. Then, hang the panel from the screws using the cross-hair bolt insertion holes on the rear brackets.

If you are wanting the wires to be hidden then please don't hesitate to call us on 0333 090 7160