MS2000 WI-FI Touch Thermostat (Black, Silver & White Finishes Available)

Color: Black
Sale price£51.99


Fit with a flat screen for a minimalist and modern look available in three stunning colours, this thermostat is touch controlled for your ease. Being at the forefront of technology, this 86mm x 86mm x 39mm can be paired to an Amazon Echo or Google. It also has data memory to remember your favourite settings!

A temperature range of 5 – 35°C will be displayed at a 0.5°C accuracy at all times. This unit is also made from ABS plastic to ensure its durability and also be fireproof.

A Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostat

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

With the option of being paired to an app on your smartphone, this thermostat is by far one of our most technologically advanced. Simply download the My BecaSmart app and you are good to go.

Simply scan the relevant QR code with your smartphone below to download the app! iPhone users should scan the left QR code, whilst Android users should scan the right QR code.

You will just need to head onto the app and create an account before connecting to your Wi-Fi. Then follow the simple steps on-screen to connect the thermostat.

Controlling your temperature from the palm of your hand, you can access more than one thermostat in your home, have different temperature settings for each day of the week and even link it up to an Amazon Echo or Google Home for voice activated control. There is also a feature to create groups of rooms, for example a bedroom and living room, and control them at the same time. The rest of your family can also download the app so everyone can use the thermostats to their full potential.

How To Install Your Thermostat

There are five simple tasks to do to fit your thermostat into the space.

  1. Ensure the power is off
  2. Remove the mounting plate by rotating the LCD screen
  3. Connect the mounting plate to the power supply via the wire terminals
  4. Fix the mounting plate to the walls with the screws provided
  5. Rotate the body of the thermostat back onto the mounting plate to click into place

When installing your thermostat, we suggest that you call in a qualified electrician as the thermostats need to be hard wired to a heater.

A Heater To Match

Although this is a highly desirable bit of tech for your home, it isn’t compatible with every heater unfortunately. It will not be compatible with heaters with built in thermostats that cannot be overridden.

For example, you cannot override the thermostat on our Remote Controllable Bar Heaters so the two could not be used in conjunction.

We advise that you pair this thermostat with one of our White or Image panels for easy Wi-Fi usage.


This thermostat comes with a standard 1 year warranty.