Equal Opportunity Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy 

At Infrared Group, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and fair workplace where all employees and individuals connected with our organisation are treated with respect and dignity. We believe that diversity in backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences enhances our success as a company. This Equal Opportunity Policy outlines our dedication to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of their race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other protected status.

1. Non-Discrimination:

Infrared Group does not discriminate against any employee, job applicant, client, supplier, or any other individual associated with our organisation based on race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other protected status as defined by applicable laws.

2. Recruitment and Hiring:

Our company is committed to impartial and unbiased recruitment and hiring practices. We strive to attract a diverse group of qualified candidates and select the best talent based on their skills, qualifications, and potential to contribute to our organisation's success.

3. Promotion and Advancement:

Infrared Group is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for career growth and advancement. All promotions and advancement decisions will be based on an individual's qualifications, performance, skills, and potential without consideration of any protected status.

4. Workplace Harassment and Respect:

We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation. All employees and individuals associated with our organisation are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity, fostering a safe and inclusive work environment.

5. Accessibility:

Infrared Group is committed to ensuring accessibility for employees and clients with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations will be provided to ensure equal participation in all aspects of employment and interaction with our organisation.

6. Training and Education:

We are committed to providing ongoing training and education to all employees and individuals associated with our organisation to raise awareness about diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity practices. This education aims to promote understanding, respect, and sensitivity towards various backgrounds and experiences.

7. Reporting and Accountability:

Any concerns or incidents related to discrimination, harassment, or violations of this Equal Opportunity Policy should be promptly reported to the designated personnel. We will thoroughly investigate all reports and take appropriate action to address the issue.

8. Leadership Commitment:

The leadership team at Infrared Group is devoted to upholding this Equal Opportunity Policy and setting an example. They are responsible for creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best and reach their full potential.

9. Continuous Improvement:

We are committed to continual improvement in our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. We will regularly review and update our policies, practices, and procedures to ensure alignment with our commitment to equal opportunity.

Infrared Group's achievements are built on the collective talents, experiences, and viewpoints of our diverse team. We embrace these differences and strive to create an inclusive workplace where each individual can flourish. This Equal Opportunity Policy reflects our unwavering dedication to fostering an environment that is free from discrimination, respectful, and welcoming to all.

Nathan De La Rosa
Managing Director 
Infrared Group